What Do I Have To Do To Get Involved?

First and foremost, we will ask you to supply a range of data into the mIL.

Participating companies and developers will then experiment with new ideas for products and services designed to run off this data.  If you like the sound of one of the apps, you can be the first to try it out and tell them what you think.

To begin with, the data we’re interested in will include:

  • Personal data – information that you hold about yourself, such as your date of birth, whether you have any children and whether you live in rented accommodation or have a mortgage.
  • Transactional data – data about your transaction history held by companies that you have an account with, such as banks, credit card companies, energy suppliers and telecoms providers.
  • Attitudes and intentions – your opinions and plans, such as whether you are planning a holiday or you are planning to buy a new car.

You can decide how much data you share with the mIL.  If you aren’t comfortable sharing any particular information just leave it blank.

After that, we will be asking for your ideas on new products that you would like to see developed, and for feedback on prototypes built by participating companies.

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