Project Kick Off Day – 14 May 2013

Hard to believe that the project kick-off was less than two months before the mil launched!

Here’s a representation of that kick-off day, when more than 20 organisations talked about building the “worlds fastest-built data innovation lab”.  On Tuesday the 14th May we held the kick-off day at the Innovation Warehouse in London with organisations collaborating  to help design the lab to work for all interested parties – businesses, developers, consumer groups, regulators, government.

The day was really well attended and gave a great mix across the different interest groups, including

Aimia (Nectar)
Atlantic Customer Solutions
Dept for Business Innovation & Skills
First Utility
The Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
Information Risk Management plc
Lloyds Banking Group
Mydex CIC
Number 10
PAOGATelefonica /O2
The Open Data Institute
Trust ID

The outcomes of the day are being used to build the lab in a way that enables the different
stakeholders in the personal data-driven future to experiment and learn about how to
embrace this data-driven future. Click on the Mural tab above to see our visual depictment
as a summary of the day.

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