Launch Day – The 4th of July

The lab launched on Thursday the 4th of July 2013, on what we call “UK Consumer Independence Day”,  just 7 weeks after an inquisitive group organisations met to kick-off the initiative.

Here is a selection of press coverage from the day:

Also, Ctrl-Shift, one of the lab’s key co-creators, published the story of the day for us - click here for a great summary of the day.

We now have a lab that will enable a Founding Partner group of 22 respected organisations to:

  •  Collaborate and experiment in a safe environment
  •  With real data from our first 50 pioneering consumers, growing to 1000
  •  To work out how the UK both empowers and protects consumers, whilst innovating with data.

We started with 50 pioneering consumers, and loaded their data into a midatalab data-entry Portal, which populates that data into 3 different Personal Data Stores (PDSs) for businesses and developers to securely access. We are now scaling from 50 to 1000 consumers.

The data we started with is:

• Transaction data envisaged by midata legislation – energy, telco, bank, credit card
• Other transactional data – broadband, TV etc
• Non-transactional individual data, including intention data
• Guidance on where and how to access Open Data

We will be adding additional data sets:

• Government-held individual data
• Quantified Self data
• Other data that the Founding Partners recommend from early use of lab

And we’ll be encouraging independent developers, with oversight from the ODI, to join in to invent innovative services and applications.

The lab enables expert voices and a uniquely expert place where advanced thinkers from all stakeholder groups bring the different angles to our personal data-enabled future together – innovation, regulation, trust, consumer-focus, business opportunity etc. 

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