Our Plan

In May we set out an ambitious plan to make the mIL the world’s fastest built data innovation lab – our aim was to build the lab in just two months beginning with our Business kick-off event on May 14,.

To make the lab operational, we need some data. So we are initially asking 50 pioneering volunteers to make available to the lab their personal transactional, lifestyle and intention data. We will then grow the number of consumers to 1000.

The lab’s Founding Partners will use their trusted access to the data to explore how best to both empower and protect consumers whilst building innovative services.

The consumers who volunteer their data as part of this innovation will contribute to our understanding  over how to effectively protect the UK consumers in a new data-driven digital  age.

So, the July date we set ourselves is challenging for the people involved but t’s one we’re rising to…..we’re building the lab in an Agile way , and aim to make it available exactly when we said we would. We will then look to add in more data over the summer from a variety of sources.

Watch this space…

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