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On the 4th of July 2013 we opened the midata Innovation Lab (mIL), on what we call “UK Consumer Independence Day”. So what is it? It’s the UK Government, leading UK companies and authoritative bodies collaborating on data services innovation and consumer protection for a data-driven future. We’ve put together the world’s fastest-built data innovation lab, and UK brands, developers & consumer bodies have used it to produce some innovate prototype applications that we will share here on 7 November.

The mIL is an accelerator for business to use a rich dataset to create new services for consumers. Designed in conjunction with innovative “Founding Partner” businesses, it also has oversight from authoritative bodies so we can create the world’s best consumer protection in the emerging personal data ecosystem.

The unique value of the lab is its ability to offer a unique dataset and consumer insight that it would be difficult for any one organization to collate. With expert input from authoritative consumer protection bodies, we can test and learn how to both empower and protect consumers in the emerging personal data ecosystem.

The mIL’s partner organisations have collaborated to produce 5 applications that show the potential that can be achieved with innovation around personal data. You can see these apps below.

Stay Safe, Keep Warm, Save Money – an app that helps vulnerable people with energy support that they are entitled too but many people don’t actually know about or get from their local authority or their energy provider.
See the app MI Energy

Mi Finance – worried about a potential debt crisis? What if you could have access to an app with the sort of algorithm that banks use to know when to restrict credit. And using your transaction data get advice on not just how to optimise your debt repayment but also give you behavioural spending advice based on your own personal transaction history.
See the app MI Finance

Relative Calm – making sure vulnerable people aren’t left behind by the data economy. Relatives and carers, regardless of location, can access a dashboard of data to help see if an elderly or vulnerable person is getting out of bed each morning, is keeping their home at a safe temperature and is not taking out unusual amounts of money from their bank to pay for work they don’t need.
See the app MI Relative Calm

Mi Health – connect with your GP or other health providers to understand how changing your highly-personalised lifestyle could help improve your health as an alternative to medical intervention.
See the app MI Health

Expert HomeMover – moving home is stressful enough. Take away having to remember all the different organisations you need to tell via this app that does it for you. It can also tell you if it’s worth changing your different service providers based on your new location.
See the app MI Move

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