Who & What is In The Lab

On July 4th 2013, we launched the midata Innovation Lab, or “mIL”, which is a collaborative accelerator project between government, regulators, a wide range of different types of businesses and consumer groups.  The project’s aim is to provide an opportunity for the different stakeholders in the personal data-driven future to share and build upon practical learnings. There are now:

22 respected organisations collaborating:
- with real data from our first 50 pioneering consumers

To work out how the UK:
- both empowers and protects consumers
- whilst innovating with data

We started with our first set of 50 Consumers, learning as we go:

• Loaded via our data-entry Portal, into 3 Personal Data Stores

• Businesses and developers now choose which PDS(s) they want to access

• We are now scaling from 50 to 1000 consumers

The data we started with:

• Transaction data envisaged by the midata legislation – energy, telco, bank, credit card

• Other transactional data – broadband, TV etc

• Non-transactional individual data, including intention data

• And provided guidance on where and how to access Open Data
We will be adding additional data sets:

• Government-held individual data eg HMRC, DVLA, Medical

• Other data that our Founding Partners recommend from early use of the lab

And providing controlled access to independent developers to design exciting new services for the consumer, with oversight from the lab management team and the ODI.

Our Founding Partners now have Data to innovate and explore with, and the opportunity for partnerships and collaboration. The mIL has brought together specialist voices to form a uniquely expert place where advanced thinkers from all stakeholder groups bring it all together – innovation, regulation, trust, consumer-focus and business opportunity.

We have 12 individual workgroups running looking at and building learnings in the various consumer, business and wider social aspects that we think will form part of the emerging ecosystem. And it’s all done with real data, from real consumers who are excited to be pioneers to help create the future.

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