Terms & Conditions

By contributing your personal data to the mIL, you will help make it possible to explore ways in which customer data can be harnessed to give you more control and power in the consumer decisions you make. You will enable us to understand a range of technical issues involved in the midata initiative, especially what is required to ensure consumer data is secure. This all means that when midata becomes a reality, it will deliver the best possible benefits for all consumers.

You are encouraged to read the following information before agreeing to participate : (Click on the links)

There are also some FAQs that should cover any other questions

By accepting the terms of this agreement to participate in the mIL you acknowledge the above information about what is involved and that you are 18 years old or over and you must be a United Kingdom resident including Northern Ireland.

We do hope that the information we have provided has convinced you to participate as a consumer volunteer in the mIL and, if so, we ask that you register indicating that you are happy with the information and terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox at that site. If you have any further questions that you would like answered, please email donorquestions@midatalaborg.

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