What is the mIL?

The midata innovation lab is an accelerator for business to create new services for consumers. It gives businesses a rich dataset to aid creation of such innovative consumer services from data.

Designed in conjunction with innovative businesses, it also has oversight from authoritative bodies so we can create the world’s best consumer protection in the emerging personal data ecosystem.

We’ve worked with some “Founding Organisations” over the last few months to get it set up. Over the coming weeks we’ll then open it up for wider business involvement.

The unique value of the lab is its ability to offer a unique dataset and consumer insight that it would be difficult for any one organization to collate. The lab has expert input from authoritative consumer protection bodies, so that we can test and learn how to both empower and protect consumers in the emerging personal data ecosystem.

The lab hasn’t got all the answers – it’s an opportunity for the various interested parties to work together to find the answers.

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